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Hi, sorry I didn't review this sooner! This is a great first flash (Better than mine, I'll say). I loved the music, and the animation was very smooth. Keep up the good work!

Sandling responds:

Well, thanks alot!

Good Art...

Good art, but the animation is very choppy. Work on making the animation smoother, if you can. Maybe a background, too. Sorry to be critical.

greenpolice responds:


Hooray For Chibis!!

Good animation (Better than my "First whack at a Flash cartoon") and I thought the paper airplane thing was funny. GREAT ART, by the way! Keep practicing, and I bet you could do amazingly well!

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One of my Favorites!

I really enjoyed this game! The first time I played it, it went straight to my favorites list! Plus, the music is very nice, I like the rock style, and it has a great beat. The graphics are original, fun, clear, and overall, look polished and pleasing. The game itself is engaging, and requires concentration and skill, providing a fun and unique challenge. Besides the difficulty level, this game is flawless, addicting, and SO DARN FUN! Superb job! I look forward to more games from you!!

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So much potential...

This game really has a lot of potential, for the full version. I only recommend that Sprint is more than holding the space bar, maybe you could tap the spacebar instead? Anyway, good graphics, but this demo might not do well, as my score implies...sorry! Good luck anyway, I'm excited for the full version.


I think this is a really great game, I like the unlockable content, and I enjoyed it for it's purpose: being creative! Good job, a second (If it's not to hard) would work out great! Good job.

smokinjoeevil responds:

I'm definitely considering it at this point. With a score over 4 it seems that this is pretty well liked... thankd for the review!

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My Fave

This is currently my favorite Audio submission on the site. Vocals usually ruin a submission for me, but not here. Fast paced and exciting, this is an amazing track.

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Hmm... First listening to this, I thought it wouldn't be too great. But I like how all the sound is vocals... I enjoyed this! It's really catchy!

Fitting Name

Great song! I like the beginning, how it sounds mysterious, then near the middle, how it goes to rock, and the scream sound effects are killer. (Sorry... bad pun...)

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I love drawing, my cat, and being creative! Also, I make custom headers, user photos, and the tiny images next to reviews for people who ask nicely! :D

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