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Entry #9

First Sumbission!

2008-09-07 21:53:23 by Chibidude5

WOOHOO!! I've uploaded Burger Time, and fixed it's sound issues, and, it passed... for now... Well, anyway, go check it out guys! I had fun making it!
Click here for Burger Time!

First Sumbission!


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2008-09-07 22:03:49

not bad for a first flash

not bad at all

work on your walk cycles maybe

a good one would have been feet all blurred out to make it look like he was running ridiculously fast. then keep the arms thrown back and such. Would have added to the fractic-ness of the scene.

also use the eyebrows and eyes to make the emotion of the character more clear

and try to move away from using stick figures if you can

not that it was bad, I'm trying to give good advice. it was a decent flash. and you succeeded in not fucking up the sound and keeping the file size reasonable which a lot of new people fail doing, so good job there.

Chibidude5 responds:

Thank you so much for your help! I'll work on all that you mentioned!
P.S. No offense, but please don't swear on my page... I find it a tad offensive. But still, thanks for the help!


2008-09-07 22:04:25

i commented on it
so yeah just give me a shout for anything

Chibidude5 responds:

Um... thanks, I guess! :)


2008-09-14 03:41:15

I really enjoyed it! I cant wait to see some more submissions from you =]. Will you take a look at my first animation when its done?

Chibidude5 responds:

Of course! Thanks for the compliment :)


2008-11-08 19:48:45

youre flash iz waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than my first try!

Chibidude5 responds:

Thanks again! :)


2009-01-13 20:57:03

Yeah, flash is tough on beginners. Do you use Flash 8 or AS3?