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Flash CS3...

2008-08-12 20:34:14 by Chibidude5

I MIGHT get flash soon, so I can make stuff! Like Roller (Entry #4) and I have a Photoshop image of Roller as the included picture. I'm looking for a background music song for Roller, so anyone who has a recommendation for that would be nice. :) I'd like some sort of upbeat, happy song, but that isn't too fast paced. A just plain enjoyable song, though, could work. By the way, I was also wondering if anyone could explain to me how to do a menu screen and also scrolling backgrounds (You know, for platformers, kind of like Toast of War style). So yeah, Chibi (Ima speakin' third person) could use a lot of help. Thanks, guys!


I WILL get Flash soon, but it will take me a WHILE to make Roller.

Flash CS3...


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2008-08-12 20:36:33

Horray for flash! :D

Chibidude5 responds:

Yes, indeed! :)


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