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"Roller" Sketches!!

2008-08-10 23:25:50 by Chibidude5

Again, for the people who check this profile, THANK YOU! Check the news post before this one to find out about what the **** (I don't cuss, so that's censored. :D) these weird sketches are about. These sketches are for my flash that I'll make if I get Flash CS3. It's called Roller, and there's a fat dude you roll around as. I sketched this earlier today, scanned it onto my computer, and 'shopped in the colors with the fill tool. The game will be a bit of a puzzle platformer, and I hope it's received well by NG, despite the weird colors, because, if anyone's noticed, I LIKE YELLOW. There is some more info about Roller in the corner of the image, but if people can't read it, it says, "This is a sketch of --part of-- the first level of Roller. The half circle on the right is a button, when pressed, it will bring up the underground bounce pad. The door at the top ends the level. The spikes on the far right hurt Roller." Okay, that's about it, hope you guys enjoy Roller and these sketches, however eccentric or strange it may seem.

P.S. Anyone who seriously has an idea for something I should include in Roller, put it in the comments (Or PM me) and I'll consider adding it when I get to work on Roller. Have a good day, everyone! :)

"Roller" Sketches!!


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