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2008-08-06 16:14:58 by Chibidude5

Just so people know, I don't have flash, -=edit=- I have flash now! </edit> so, uh, I'm not really one to make submissions or something, but I AM good at Photoshop Elements (I know... nothing special) but I will use my Photoshop Elements skills to make a banner, or user image, or something like that for people. I just want to contribute as much as possible for NG, so, just notify me if you want a banner done or something... Happy posting! :)

P.S: The image included below is an emoticon I made, Angry Face-ish (Or Faic) style.

Chibidude5 Info!


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2008-08-06 16:47:25

:D Would you make me a banner if i asked nicely? I've never had one cause i'm lazy.

Chibidude5 responds:

Sure, I'd be more than happy to! :) Just tell me how you want it to look, and it'll be done in a few days, by the way, I'll be away from home for 2 days, so it might take longer.